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We are Two Guys who know Market Research and want to provide the very best fieldwork and data services


With more than four decades of experience between them Paul and Mark have the research nous to handle all the logistics you need to get your research project into the field.

Why Two Guys?  We share many values and interests mostly centered around a spirit of adventure.  Be that cycling into the wilderness, climbing mountains, BMX road trips or Alaskan expeditions.  We love the challenge of arriving in a new place and adapting to the local environment and we use those experiences to set up our fieldwork anywhere.

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Paul summers

Paul is a veteran of research fieldwork, spending many happy years overseeing hall tests and street interviewing throughout the land.  From beer tests to children's toys with anything and everything in between.  Not only can Paul advise you on your research design, he'll also be at fieldwork with his sleeves rolled up, helping to present your product exactly how it should be.

When Paul isn't working he's still looking at fields, but it's from the sky. This time he's assessing the softness of the landing rather than the number of plug sockets and the speed of the Internet!


Mark Tillett

Mark is a numbers guy with a long history of scripting and data analysis.  With nearly two decades of market research experience Mark can plan your project, script the questionnaire, manage the fieldwork, brief the interviewers and provide the data in any format you need.  He'll not only do it quicker than most and to the highest quality, but do it with a smile on his face.

Mark's a BMXer at heart and loves travelling to fieldwork locations and seeing the potential for riding a little bike in a new town.  But injuries mean he'll more likely try to find a local golf driving range to wind down.


Okay, so sometimes we need more than just Two Guys.  And the good news is that we've got a large network of contacts who can help us on specific tasks, be that the interviewers, help with scripting, a van driver or an extra pair of hands for labelling products, we've got everything we need to complete your project.


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